The Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA) invites you to the birthplace of Arabica coffee for the upcoming 3rd Annual Ethiopian Coffee Conference, “Towards Quality and Traceability,” at the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on November 6 & 7. The ECEA want to introduce you to the exciting innovations we’re implementing to improve production, sale, and traceability of our top quality coffees.


Program highlights include presenters fromStarbucks Coffee Company, Nestle Nescafe Dolce Gusto, MIDROC-Ethiopia and Mondelez International.  Robério Oliveira Silva, the executive director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and Ric Rhinehart, the executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, will open the conference.


Additionally, meet growers, exporters, private producers, cooperative representatives, government officials, industry experts and international thought-leaders in coffee.  We look forward to welcoming to the exceptional coffee origin that is …Ethiopia! Register now online and receive $100 off the door price!



CQI works around the world to create a common language of quality through several of its programs. On any given month, we’re out in the field, teaching producers how to process coffee more efficiently, or teaching a Q Course via one of our brilliantly talented Q Instructors. Our organization has a stronghold on providing technical services to coffee producing origins and is recognized as the training organization for the industry.


We'd love for you to take some time and get to know us a bit better via this video. Any questions or feedback? Hit us up on Twitter @thecqi!



Learn more about the new Q Coffee System

The Q Coffee System

The Q Coffee System locates specialty coffees at origin and helps to improve those that have the potential to meet specialty standards. The effect is a common language between buyers and sellers that draws attention to more specialty coffees while creating an infrastructure that gives producers greater opportunities to enter the marketplace and to increase their economic viability. This fall, CQI is pleased to introduce its new addition to the program, Q Robusta.