Coffee Corps

The Coffee Corps™ Program is a unique private-public partnership that matches experts in the industry with producers and associations at origin seeking technical assistance. These generous volunteers help producers and other industry constituents improve their coffee and their business, while at the same time are exposed to the challenges and issues affecting coffee origins. In some cases, these volunteers develop friendships and business relationships they carry with them for the rest of their career. To learn more, click here.


We are always looking for highly qualified individuals, including expertise in the following areas:

  • Post-harvest processing, agronomics, and environmental issues
  • Quality control
  • Management and marketing practices
  • Cupping training
  • Engineering
  • Barista training
  • Roaster training
  • Strategic planning and institutional development


Volunteer assignments depend on the types of requests we receive from our funding partners. CQI does not deploy volunteers unless there is project funding from outside CQI to do so. In general, CQI sends out about 30-40 volunteers annually.

To become a Coffee Corps™ volunteer, you’ll need to complete our online application and send a current resume or CV here. References are checked; international travel experience is required. For more details, click here.

Your information will be placed into our volunteer database, so that we can contact you if we receive a request that matches your skill set. You can also contact Lisa Conway @ with any questions.



  • Will the Coffee Corps volunteer speak the local language?

    While some volunteers are multi-lingual, most speak only English. We expect that the origin group making the request will be able to provide a translator. If they cannot, we may be able to provide someone to assist.

  • How long can the volunteer assignments be?

    Most volunteer assignments are between two and three weeks long. However, if your project requires more or less time, please complete the application anyway. We will try to locate a volunteer who matches your needs.

  • Is the origin group responsible for any costs?

    Coffee Corps will pay all assignment-related expenses for the volunteer. These include round-trip coach airfare, passport, visas, lodging, meals and incidentals, project materials, required immunizations, and supplemental health insurance (including emergency medical evacuation coverage). All costs accounted for in the project budget will be covered by CQI directly.

    An organization at origin MAY be responsible for some assignment-related costs, such as in-country transportation or local lodging, that is not covered as part of the project funding. The host is responsible for transportation during the assignment and may be asked to provide lodging.

  • Can we request volunteers for a project that might require more than one visit?

    Yes, but please explain how many visits you anticipate, as well as the length of time between each visit in your application.