A Trip to Myanmar

by: Mario Roberto Fernandez Alduenda

Ted Lingle and I visited the Pyin Oo Lwin region, the main coffee producing area in Myanmar. It was a very pleasant surprise to see the farms are tidy and well looked-after. The cherry picking practices are very good – all ripe cherries. The processing they do in this region is a fully washed coffee with wet fermentation – this implies the aspect of the parchment and the green coffee is really clean. These coffees have a very clean cup, with toasty notes, no astringency, high citric acidity and a medium-high, creamy body. Our scores ranged between 81 and 86 for all the coffees we cupped. Nevertheless, there is a lot for CQI to do. We were told other regions have more yield and quality issues. People do not cup coffee in Myanmar, and therefore it’s hard for them to make flavor-based decisions. Roasting training is also needed. Overall, we are very excited as we have found a “new” origin with huge potential.


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