Bridget Carrington

Bridget Carrington is the Managing Director of C Dorman Ltd, a major exporter and roaster in East Africa, a company that is part of the global Ecom Group. She started her career in coffee back in 1983 working for ED&F Man, and, after 9 years in London, moved to work in a coffee producing country to gain a more rounded knowledge of the coffee value chain. As the specialty segment of the industry has grown, so the focus of Dorman, in this direction, has strengthened, with Bridget championing the sale of top quality traceable coffee from individual estates or cooperative factories from within the whole region

Firmly committed to improving the livelihood of East African Farmers, Bridget played a key role in the setting up the first certified supply chain of UTZ and Fairtrade coffee in Kenya, working with sister company Coffee Management Services to develop close links to farmers providing them with agricultural, financial and capacity building services

An expert cupper herself, Bridget was able to immediately identify with the need for a common cupping language that could be applied to every day operations and dealings between suppliers and buyers and this led to her interest and involvement with CQI.

Bridget is actively involved in local and regional coffee affairs via her involvement with Kenya and Tanzania Coffee Traders Association, African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) where she served a Kenya’s Director for a two-year term and the local chapters of IWCA.