Carlos Brando

Carlos Brando is the chair of the Global Coffee Platform, and director of P&A Marketing which has led him to consult with the Sustainable Trade Initiative, the International Coffee Organization, the World Bank and other companies and institutions in Brazil and abroad on topics including sustainability, technology, strategy, marketing and quality. Brando has coordinated coffee projects in over 50 countries on five continents, including all main coffee growing areas of Brazil.

Brando has contributed chapters to several coffee books including Nespresso's The Craft. He is a former member of the Technical Committee of the Brazilian Coffee Research Consortium run by Embrapa, SCAA's Environmental Committee and the boards of UTZ Certified and Ipanema Coffees, and a current member of the Coffee Chamber of [B]³ (formerly BM&F Bovespa), that oversees the world’s third-largest-traded coffee contract. Carlos is currently the vice-chairman of the board of the Santos Coffee Museum, that he helped to found, and the São Paulo Museum of Immigration.