Cyrille Jannet

Cyrille Jannet is Managing Director of Keurig Trading since 2015 where he oversees all Green Coffee procurement & sourcing activities for Keurig Green Mountain and Keurig Canada.

Cyrille began his career in coffee nearly 20 years ago in the highlands of Chiapas as a Trader with Amsa, a leading Mexican coffee exporting company, part of Ecom Group. The first 10 years where dedicated to learn everything about growing, processing and exporting green coffee beans from the different regions of Chiapas, Veracruz & Oaxaca. Engaging with coffee farmers through long term partnerships and intense negotiations was truly inspiring.

After, Cyrille joined United Coffee as Senior Buyer , based in Geneva, Switzerland. After being acquired by UCC in 2012, he served as Group Buying director. UCC is the leading European Private Label roasting company with direct presence in 5 countries. (France, CH, UK, Spain, Netherlands).

Cyrille is a licensed Q Arabica & Robusta Grader, and a certified Green Coffee Professional (Coffee Diploma System from SCA Europe). Every morning at Keurig Trading SCAA Campus lab, cupping lovely coffees from all around the world is a privilege and always a learning experience, the best way to embrace the diversity of our Coffee world.

Cyrille recently joined the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute), as a Board member and is a founding member of the new association part of SCA Switzerland, promoting the Specialty Coffee in Romandie (French spoken part of Switzerland).

Cyrille is also a Board member and serving as Vice President of SCTA (Swiss Coffee Trade Association based in Geneva, Switzerland).

Cyrille is 45, has 2 kids and enjoys outdoor activities such as ski, tennis and triathlon.