Jorge Cuevas

Jorge Cuevas is the Chief Coffee Officer for Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers in Portland, OR. Jorge has extensive experience in building organizations within the specialty coffee industry, having been a coffee professional all of his adult life, starting in 1995 when he would help the villagers of the Pluma region in Oaxaca, Mexico achieve organic certification and market access to North America, Europe and Japan.

Jorge has served on the Sustainability Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and is an active participant in leading coffee events such as fairtrade forums, cupping competitions and conferences all over the world. Jorge is a Coffee Quality Institute-certified Q Grader and has a degree in International Studies from the School for International Training.

His personal passion is helping farmers reach the economic potential of their hard work and collaborating with roasters in finding unique and high quality coffees. He especially enjoys trekking through the coffee lands reflecting on the great diversity and intrinsic complexities of the coffee supply chain.