First Female World Barista Champion Enters Q Program

Agnieszka Rojewska is a barista professional, adviser and trainer. She was the Barista World Champion of 2018 and first ever female Barista World Champion. She offers a range of trainings like brewing (foundation to professional), barista skills (foundation to professional), and latte art. She’s also competed in over 20 competitions and won 8.

In the last three months, Agnieszka has taken two Coffee Quality Institute Q Program courses. The first was a Processing Generalist course taught by Dr. Mario Fernández, CQI’s Director of Technical Services and creator of the Q Processing Program. The second was a Q Arabica Cupping Essentials course taught by CQI's Director of Q and creator of Q Cupping Essentials, Roukiat Delrue (pictured here as head judge.) We wanted to understand why a Barista Champion and latte art professional would be interested in these courses, but more specifically the Q Processing course.

I wanted to organize my Google knowledge about processing. There were a lot of different opinions and talk about it and I felt like I didn’t know what was true anymore.



As a teacher and mentor, she explains why the course will bring value to her coffee career.

I’m more certain about how those processes works and I’m bit better able to name them. And I can give more organized and better knowledge and understanding to my students in that subject.

She also sees applying her new knowledge to competitions.

I will finally be able to say real stuff about the process of coffee I’m using. Until now, as Mario said, we are using sometimes fancy and trendy names of processes to sell them better. Most of the time we say stuff that is not chemically possible because we simply don’t know how this works. The part of the course that discussed how the process actually worked was awesome, but also the challenges at the end were pretty interesting and I would even say, inspiring.

When we asked to whom she would recommend the course, she said:

All baristas that think they know the most about all the processes but in the end they can’t tell the difference between washed and honey.

The Q Processing Level 1 (Generalist) course is great for anyone eager to learn about how coffee processing methods affect the final cup profile. For more information about CQI’s Q Processing Program, click here. To find upcoming courses, go to our database here.

Find out more about Agnieszka Rojewska, the many competitions she’s won, and the work she does in coffee here. You can also follow her on Instagram at @agarojewska to see some amazing latte art.




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