Coffee Quality Institute and FlavorActiV Announce Strategic Partnership

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and FlavorActiV. FlavorActiV’s sensory solutions will be used in CQI’s ongoing training and calibration programs as a means of enhancing and maintaining coffee sensory abilities.

The partnership supports CQI’s mission to improve the quality of coffee, and the lives of people who produce it. Tina Yerkes, PhD, CEO of CQI, said “Working with topic experts like FlavorActiV allows CQI to refine education and training tools for our community. We are always looking for new processes and methods to enhance our educational experience, and this is an excellent example of a product that complements our sensory training and calibration system.”

FlavorActiV are relied on by the largest food and beverage brands globally for their sensory needs. They produce encapsulated flavor references to Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Standards, which can be used in almost any liquid to impart the aroma, taste and mouthfeel of a specific defect or attribute. FlavorActiV's coffee sensory tools have application throughout the supply chain, across all coffee varieties and production stages.

“One of the long-term values I see benefitting coffee evaluation in general is to differentiate a ‘defect’ from an ‘off’ flavor and calibrate to their respective flavor profiles,” said Todd Arnette, manager of CQI’s quality evaluation program. “Another opportunity is to use these tools to quantify the global language of coffee quality. The capsules form a globally consistent foundation for flavors that we can then further explore in greater detail in a regional and cultural context.”

Calibration is the next logical step for trained tasting panels or coffee professionals wishing to enhance and maintain their tasting performance. FlavorActiV support over 70,000 tasters globally on a regular basis with training, tasting software and encapsulated flavor standards. The addition of CQI expands this network further and diversifies the profile of tasters as the biggest coffee presence enrolled into the program.

Commercial Director of FlavorActiV, Marie Pohler, stated “It has been hugely enjoyable to collaborate with the CQI team on this strategic partnership, and we are delighted to finally make this announcement together. We look forward to helping the CQI family by delivering the tools to improve their sensory abilities through training and calibration. We’ve seen the impact our sensory solutions can have on the coffee sector and are pleased that the CQI community can experience this first-hand. We hope to support CQI for many years to come and believe this will be a big step forward for both organizations.”

Further details about the partnership and any planned activity will be communicated to the CQI community, and a joint Q&A webinar session will be delivered by CQI and FlavorActiV representatives in due course.