Coffee Quality Institute and Lallemand Announce Partnership

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and Lallemand, a global leader in yeast, bacteria and specialty ingredients announced an affiliation that includes a sponsorship and cooperation in development of new curriculum at CQI.

“Lallemand is looking forward to this process,” said Margaret Fundira of Lallemand. “CQI is the leader in post-harvest coffee processing education and thanks to our selected yeasts (Lalcafé yeasts) fermentation control is a subject we master; together we know that we can develop coursework that will give coffee producers the tools they need to make informed, creative adjustments to how they use selected microorganisms during fermentation to augment the quality of their final product.”

Lallemand will sponsor the Coffee Quality Institute and will also work with CQI education staff to develop new classes that offer participants insights into the science behind fermentation and coffee processing.

“This partnership with Lallemand is valuable to CQI because of the combination of the sponsorship and industry-leading expertise.” said Tina Yerkes, PhD, CEO of Coffee Quality Institute. “CQI is always evaluating partnerships to increase producers’ opportunities to improve the quality of their coffee, and we are really pleased to add fermentation to the post-harvest processing education toolbox.”

Since 1996, Coffee Quality Institute has worked to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it. Quality is one of the most important variables that influence a coffee’s value. However, many producers do not have access to the tools and support they need to evaluate the quality of their coffee, improve quality, or access markets that reward quality - all factors that ultimately impact success.

“Producers work tirelessly to offer high quality coffee that meets market demands,” Yerkes added. “It is the mission of CQI to empower producers and partnerships such as this allow us to amplify impact. Lallemand is truly committed to supporting producers through education.

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