CQI at SCA 2019

April 10 - 11

Re:co Symposium @ the Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Find CQI staff members David Roche, Lisa Conway, Tina Yerkes, Mario Fernandez, ChengCheng Su, Monica Bolek, and Emma Sage at Re:co and listen to board member Ellen Jordan Reidy talk about 20 years of work with CQI and the many lessons learned that are relevant in today's coffee world (session three).

April 12 - 14

Connect with our staff, pick up your pins, and hear about all the great things CQI has been working on since the last Expo. We will be out of the booth between 11:30am and 2pm on Saturday, April 13th during our Annual Luncheon.

Below are additional events CQI will be participating in and are open to the public.

April 12


9 - 10am // room 252A
"Demystifying Processing Trends: The Myths Versus Science"

Mario Fernandez and Emma Sage


4:15 - 6pm // room 203

Philippine Cupping

Cupping the winning coffees from the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition.


April 13


9 - 10am // room 253A

Lecture: Building Long-Distance Relationships In Emerging Origins

Mario Fernandez - panelist


12pm - 1:30pm // level 3 ballroom east

21st Annual Luncheon (ticketed event - tickets available 
through SCA Expo registration site)






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