CQI Grievance Policy

CQI strives to handle grievances in a fair and confidential manner. We are very serious about the integrity of all of our programs, policies, and procedures, and want to be part of the solution if things go wrong. Anyone who has been directly affected and has first-hand knowledge and evidence of the issue or events they are reporting can file a complaint.

Any individual may file a complaint with CQI if they believe an organizational policy or procedure has or is being violated, or have another issue with a CQI class, course, person, or entity. All complaints will be acknowledged and evaluated. Please note that CQI prefers to act upon allegations that have been filed within 90 days of the alleged events.

Once a complaint is submitted, it will be reviewed by staff and followed up upon if additional information or evidence is needed. Complaints will be addressed within ten (10) business days. To maintain complete confidentiality, the individual who filed the complaint will be notified when the compliant is resolved or closed, but no details will be provided as to the nature of the resolution. Likewise, CQI will not divulge the name of the individual who filed the complaint to the identified party during or after our investigation.

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