CQI Processing Essentials is Virtual Coffee Education

Processing Essentials is a course designed to educate processors, coffee professionals and anyone along the coffee value chain who would benefit from learning coffee processing basics. This primary level course will provide any employee, from first contact staff to client-facing account representatives, tools they need to better communicate and effectively interact in the world of coffee. The contents of this course are also perfect for coffee processors and coffee community members interested in processing techniques and the link to quality as well as the common language of processing.

CQI is now offering Processing Essentials, providing the global coffee world access to relevant and up-to-date information on coffee processing via an accessible remote platform. The course provides a basic introduction to the main coffee processing methods and the common language of coffee processors. It is lecture-based and upon completion participants will understand how each processing method can influence coffee quality.


Virtual learning gives staff a chance to join from home, work, or anywhere else they need to be. Approximately twelve hours of instruction can be delivered according to your team’s schedule.

Based in curriculum from CQI’s Q Processing I course, topics include:

  • Coffee processing history
  • Coffee anatomy, focusing on the fruit
  • CQI’s anatomy-based coffee processing method classification
  • Myth-busting of commonly held assumptions and stereotypes of processing styles
  • Biology of fermentation and how it applies in coffee processing
  • Challenges and the future of coffee processing


Now is the perfect time while your team is working remotely and not traveling, to provide educational enrichment from CQI. Instructors provide opportunities for questions and interaction, ensuring your team is getting the most out of their session.

CQI will bring coffee quality education to your workforce, wherever they are. To secure your team’s course please contact info@coffeeinstitute.org