CQI’s SCAA Flavor Wheel Class in Norway

In late October (2016), the Coffee Quality Institute’s Trish Rothgeb held the second ever SCAA Flavor Wheel class in Oslo, Norway. SCAA’s new Flavor Wheel was launched in 2015 - the first time in the association’s 21-year history to update this iconic cupper tool. CQI wants to be instrumental in making sure the industry gets a good introduction to this new tool.

Trish has been actively involved with both SCAA and CQI for many years; As a SCAA and CQI Q Instructor she bridges the divide with a plethora of industry and sensorial backgrounds. Additionally, Trish used to live in Oslo and was asked to present something to their fledgling Roasters Guild group.

The class was hosted by Norwegian Coffee Information (NKI), an organization formed by Norwegian roasters, well known for offering education and testing coffee equipment for the industry under the name European Brewing Center. They've been active for more than 20 years.  

This was a one-day class, with 18 students from NKI's membership coming from all parts of Norway. Participants learned about the World Coffee Research Lexicon for Coffee (Trish’s name appears as one of the contributors to the published Lexicon) as well as the new SCAA Flavor Wheel that utilizes the lexicon for coffee flavors.

The flavor wheel class was taught by Trish for the first time in Singapore last Spring, and has become an important work in progress for our small class offerings.

We hope to offer the Flavor Wheel class in Portland at the ACE lab in 2017, as well as a few other venues.

Note: This course is not linked to the Q Program.

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