Education Fall 2020

The landscape in coffee education is challenging, but CQI is doing its best to provide safe and substantial options to those seeking to maintain and expand their coffee quality knowledge. Keep checking the CQI database to see what is available, new courses come online quite frequently.

CQI is now offering Processing Essentials, designed for a wide variety of audiences from workplace staff to those new to processing. This provides the global coffee world access to relevant and up-to-date information on coffee processing via a virtual platform. The course provides a basic introduction to coffee processing methods and the common language of coffee processors. It is live, lecture-based and upon completion staff will understand how each processing method can influence coffee quality.

Q Processing 1 is now available for Q Instructors to offer virtually. This is still fairly new, and we hope more instructors will offer the course and students can find one that works for their time zone and language.

We have even completed our first virtual instructor calibration, and that experience has given the education team plenty of feedback to apply to future offerings. An Assistant Instructor course is taking place now, using a new hybrid model including independent learning, group classes together online, and in-person learning as it becomes safe.

Curious as to the pathway to becoming an instructor?


CQI supports training and education for Robusta growers
CQI's mission is to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it. We do this with certain fundamental assumptions - the cornerstone of which is that if growers produce higher quality and the market then distinguishes that quality, the entire value supply chain and especially the producer will benefit. Working with both Arabica and Robusta producers, CQI employs an adaptable education framework to enable and empower coffee growers and others to produce quality coffee and support self-sustaining, thriving communities. Read more...


CQI also now has mini seminars on our YouTube channel. From coffee science to processing insights, these short videos are a great way to learn more about what affects coffee quality. Keep your eye on that space, we'll be adding more material from time to time.