Education Lab is Recent Addition to Indonesian Coffee Farm and Processing Facility

The shared standards of quality have been translated into a world class coffee academy situated in the highlands of Bali.

In Kintamani,1300 feet above sea level, Belantih is a 25-hectare coffee farm that produces and processes some of Bali’s highest quality arabica beans. The farm was established four generations ago as a smallholder farm, growing coffee and selling whole cherry to processors. The facility transitioned from family-owned commercial-grade coffee farming when a member of the next generation, Wayan Tunas Wijaya, embraced specialty coffee.

Wijaya is working to improve local coffee quality and create a specialty coffee offering with the support of his family and community. He retains valued traditions while implementing new techniques and best practices, supporting growth and sustainability as a 100% organic farm. Over the past two years, Wijaya added both wet and dry mills to improve quality and take control of production, better serving local and international markets.

To support research, quality control, and to help other producers in the community, Wijaya then collaborated with Nick Rozental of Paddle and Brew Coffee Academy to establish a cupping lab on the farm. Paddle & Brew was founded to share knowledge through education while giving back to the coffee community. It has led several small projects through a program known as “Coffee Give Back” to support the coffee community by providing education, respect, empowerment and human capital. Their common goal is to support the community by creating alternatives for social and economic development, and improving quality with a direct trade model that includes education for all actors of the coffee value chain.







The cupping lab was completed along with a dining area. The investment in infrastructure will be utilized as part of the everyday production activities at the facility, adding value for more than cupping events.

Setting up and organizing this QP2 was an amazing experience. So happy we could share this course with fellow coffee people from Indonesia and Korea. The producer and I rushed to make this a reality in 45 days, from building the cupping lab, classroom and getting up to CQI standards. We took this as an opportunity for growth and managed to have fun during the process. Everyone at The CQI has a place in our hearts for all the support we received during the build out. We hope to see you all here if you ever visit Bali. Consider Belantih Coffee Farm, Paddle & Brew Coffee Academy and Iswara Coffee Lab a place where coffee brings people together.

-Nick Rozental

In July, Belantih and Paddle and Brew hosted eleven students for a Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) “Q Processing Professional” course at the new lab. Participants in the course gained inspiration for the future, and plans are already being discussed for further development. The partners credit teamwork and a belief in quality for their success.

Having a successful class is more meaningful than a single event, says Rozental “Coffee quality is about people, we are proud to be farmers and we execute better processes together with education. PS: Special thanks to Felipe for his kindness in sharing knowledge and for being a great human being, Kim for believing in us and supporting this course, Dr Mario for inspiring us to do this in the first place after we attended his course in Yunnan and all of you at The CQI.”

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