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Jeremy Raths - United States

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How long have you been in coffee?

Since 1978

Which countries have you taught in?

Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Thailand, Taiwan, China

What do you think are the benefits of taking the Q?

Demonstrate skill and knowledge. Become a member of the universal coffee family.

What languages do you speak?


What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?

Roast coffee. Consult with other coffee folks all along the coffee chain.

Anything else you'd like to add?

After 37 years of roasting coffee Jeremy Raths finds himself in a sweet spot. He began as Production Manager for a company that roasted and packaged over 7 million pounds a year. And now he finds himself the owner of a humble one man coffee roasting company. Raths has done it all. Through consulting all over the world Jeremy Raths has learned more about what makes a great cup of coffee than you can imagine. Jeremy spent years helping to grow the Roasters Guild through his two terms as a member of the Executive Council. Most recently Jeremy has been focused on educating people on fresh roasted coffee through his work with Q certification as well as his continued presence in the Minneapolis coffee scene with his longtime love The Roastery. From four bag Jabez Burns, to Probats, Diedrichs, Primos, San Franciscans, and many more machines Raths has coached many clients. Finding the sweet spot for each bean brings great pleasure. Cupping, brewing, pulling shots allow that sweet spot to flourish. Raths has brought this great pleasure to many, many coffee folks around the world.