Find My Pins

Visit this page to find out where you can pick up your free pin if you are a current Q Arabica Grader, Q Robusta Grader, or Q Processing Professional. Pins are not for sale and cannot be distributed anywhere outside of the events posted on this map where you will get your pin directly from one of CQI’s staff members. Keep checking back as we will be adding updates on locations, dates and times periodically.


When you have this pin, you are part of our Q community and understand the meaning of effort and excellence. Independent of geographic, linguistic, or cultural barriers, buyers and sellers benefit from a shared understanding of product value linked to quality, allowing for more effective negotiations.

The Q Program has become “the tool of the trade”, allowing buyers to better articulate their needs and providing producers with a tool to increase competitiveness through better understanding of what ‘quality’ means.

Q Arabica, Q Robusta, and Q Processing give specialized skills to coffee industry professionals, so they can influence and distinguish cup attributes according to global standards. The responsibility that comes with this, translates in a possibility to impact price and in some instance, lives.

Thank you for being part of the Q Program and be sure to wear this pin proudly as a symbol of your commitment to coffee quality around the world.