CQI Partnership for Gender Equity:
The Way Forward

The Coff­ee Quality Institute (CQI) founded the Partnership for Gender Equity in the fall of 2014. The objective of this strategic initiative is to illuminate how gender inequality at origin impacts coff­ee outcomes and the well-being of producers – and to determine how to respond.



In the Fall 2015, the CQI Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) published its research report The Way Forward: Accelerating Gender Equity in the Coffee Value Chain, which has become a cherished resource for many in the coffee sector. (View and download the Executive Summaries in English and Spanish and the full English report below).
Now, PGE is creating common tools and methodologies to support the coffee industry’s engagement and investment in gender equity across the value chain. Such tools will serve to improve the livelihoods of producers and enhance the sustainable supply of quality coffee. Our approach comprises three stages: starting with scientific research, moving into strategic pilot projects and tool creation, and finally leading to our support of scale-able investments throughout the industry. By harnessing the power of collective action within the industry, growers, buyers, exporters, importers, roasters, private foundations, development agencies, academic institutions and more can create a positive impact from community to cup, and for every step in between.



  Or you can download the PDF version here.


 Or you can download the PDF version here.



Or you can download the PDF version here





"Our hope is that the information and recommendations in this report will not only serve as a practical guide, but will also inspire each of us to become powerful change agents – whatever our role – as we work together to build vibrant coffee communities and a prosperous coffee industry for generations to come." -Kimberly Easson, Strategic Director, the CQI Partnership for Gender Equity