Get to know Vietnam Commodity Control & Certification Joint Stock Company (VCC&C)

In-Country Partners (ICP) are ambassadors for CQI and our programs, as they host courses and support various networks of specialty coffee producers. ICPs reinforce coffee standards and aim to increase access to the Q coffee system since it is the hub to evaluate coffee quality using industry standards for both arabica (specialty) and Robusta (fine). In the coming weeks, we'll get the chance to get to know a little more about them.

The Vietnam Commodity Control & Certification Joint Stock Company (VCC&C) is based in Vietnam and became an In-Country Partner in 2020.









What makes you a unique ICP?

For us, manpower is the factor that makes an ICP unique.VCC&C's human resources include members who have expertise and years of experience in the coffee industry.

What was the biggest challenge about becoming an ICP?

The most challenging thing for us is the growth of Vietnam's coffee specialty.

What made you want to become an ICP?

Being an ICP has been beneficial to us by helping us gain more knowledge, deeper and wider expertise in coffee quality. By that, we also shall have the chance to serve Vietnamese communities as well.