In-Country Partner Profile: IHCAFE

The Q Program from Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) helps foster a common language about coffee quality around the world; there are currently 6,300 licensed Q Arabica and Q Robustas Graders internationally, and an additional 200 Q Processing Professionals.

Key to the growth of the Q Program is CQI’s In-Country Partners, who facilitate the evaluation of Q Coffees around the world in which Q Arabica Graders and Q Robusta Graders grade coffee outside their respective companies. Learn more about CQI’s In-Country Partners here. In this article, we feature one of our In-Country Partners, IHCAFE.


The Honduran Coffee Institute, headquartered in the country’s capital city of Tegucigalpa, serves as an epicenter for Honduran coffee. The nonprofit institute, better known as IHCAFE, aims to promote social and economic sustainability for Honduran growers, largely through the use of innovative technologies that are eco-friendly.

Increasing coffee quality is key to IHCAFE’s effort to help coffee growers improve their economic sustainability, and one element of IHCAFE’s quality-improvement initiative is the organization’s close relationship with CQI. IHCAFE has been a CQI In-Country Partner since 2014, where they have certified many of the country’s 39 Q Graders and regularly evaluate Q Coffees.

“Being an In-Country Partner is very important for us,” says Orieta Pinto, IHCAFE’s quality assurance manager. “As an ICP, we become a link for all Q Graders in Honduras, and we are able to perform evaluation for Q Coffees in our laboratory, creating a connection to the international market. We are able to provide, jointly with CQI, the required training and evaluation for cuppers in Honduras, which allows them to speak a common language.”

Orieta says being an ICP is worthwhile for IHCAFE because of the education and quality-improvement opportunities it provides them, as well as allowing the organization to stay current on information. “It helps keep us updated in quality standards and maintain the technical competence of IHCAFE's cuppers and technical assistants for growers,” she says.


CQI is very excited to have IHCAFE as an In-Country Partner! If you’re interested in learning how your business can become an ICP,  please contact us.


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