In-Country Partner Profile: NKG Quality Service

The Q Program from Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) helps foster a common language about coffee quality around the world; there are currently 6,300 licensed Q Arabica and Q Robustas Graders internationally, and an additional 200 Q Processing Professionals.

Key to the growth of the Q Program is CQI’s In-Country Partners, who facilitate the evaluation of Q Coffees around the world in which Q Arabica Graders and Q Robusta Graders grade coffee outside their respective companies. (Learn more about CQI’s In-Country Partners here.)

We’d like to shine a light our our newest ICP: NKG Quality Service, the quality advisory unit of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. NKG Quality Service is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and offers customized service products related to the quality assurance of green coffee, objective evaluation of coffee products, and sensory and green coffee grading training. NKG Quality Service is the first ICP based in Europe—to date, all our other partners have been based in Latin America, Africa, or Asia.

With NKG Quality already focused on coffee-quality evaluation, it was a logical step for them to become an In-Country Partner of CQI. Gloria Pedroza, head of quality green coffee at NKG, further explains their decision: “NKG Quality’s vision is to offer education related to coffee quality for the coffee industry and also provide objective evaluation of different coffee products,” she says. “Becoming an ICP will allow us to contribute in a larger scale to our vision.”

Gloria adds that NKG Quality is particularly interested in the growth of the specialty-coffee segment, and is excited to work with CQI to promote qualifications and understanding around quality for all stakeholders. “Q Grader education and Q Coffee certifications are a good way to provide the market with standardized criteria and credible tools to give certainty about the products that are traded,” Gloria says.

We at CQI are very happy to welcome NKG Quality as an In-Country Partner for arabica and robusta coffee! If you’re interested in learning how your business can become an ICP,  please contact us.

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