Costa Rica

how-long How long have you been a CQI In-Country Partner (ICP)?
15 years

coffee What does it mean to your company/organization to be an ICP?
It's a big responsibility. We try to bring the common language of quality to our industry.

world Provide a summary of what your company/organization accomplishes and include mission if applicable:
Promote the production and consumption of specialty coffee inside and outside our borders.

 What is your relationship with CQI/the Q Program?
In-Country partner for Costa Rica.

Please list project work or national course offerings you helped coordinate.
We've held several Q Arabica courses.

 What do you think are the opportunities of CQI's Q Coffees program?
Help producers by giving them support with quality related issues.

lightbulb What do you think could be done to improve / increase Q Coffees in the market?
Promote to buyers so that more buyers ask for a Q Coffees certification.

lightbulb Does your company benefit from hosting Q Evaluations as an ICP? If so, how?
Yes, it is a small income, but it has helped our cuppers grow as professionals and helped us as a guild in the country.

lightbulb How does your organization benefit from being an ICP?
It gives our organization more credibility.