Coffee Laboratory Ltd

how-long How long have you been a CQI In-Country Partner (ICP)?
Since 2021

What does it mean to your company/organization to be an ICP?
It enables us to offer an essential service for any European green coffee importer, to bring transparency on the market and to facilitate fair prices for farmers.

world Provide a summary of what your company/organization accomplishes and include mission if applicable:
Coffee Laboratory LTD, aims to improve its customers’ knowledge and skills, enabling access to educational and consulting services and thus promoting continuous improvement of the coffee industry. In the same time, Coffee Laboratory intends to act as a hub, connecting various coffee professionals and facilitating information and expertise exchange.

 What is your relationship with CQI/the Q Program?
We organise Q courses and our staff is part of the Coffee Corps program.

 What do you think are the opportunities of CQI's Q Coffees program?
The Q Program creates a global community that have the same understanding of quality coffee despite cultural differences and socio-economic circumstances. Furthermore, CQI has the potential to act as an interface between consumer and farmers by creating a common language and a common understanding of the chain value.

 What do you think are the benefits of being a CQI ICP?
We hope to bring more exposure to the Q programme and CQI activities and promote more transparency in the coffee chain.