Investing in the Gumutindo Cooperative: A Direct Result of the Gender Workshop

by Stephen Vick, Blue Bottle Coffee

stephen-vickBlue Bottle has been working with the Gumutindo Cooperative for three years now and we have been continually impressed by their transparency, commitment to quality, and especially, their focus on gender equality both within the cooperative structure and with labor practices at the dry mill. For two harvests, we have added a monetary premium to directly support the farmers with whom we work. Last year, this premium was used on quality initiatives.  This year, as a result of [CQI’s Uganda gender] workshop, we learned a little bit about what these communities will need to realize a better gender balance in the next five years. Blue Bottle’s staff, along with our guests, are excited to see the impact this investment will have and how we can collectively make an impact in the future.

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