Meet Ermanno Perotti

Coffee Quality Institute supports producers by providing education that gives them options to improve the quality of their coffee and by identifying and differentiating high quality coffee so it can be rewarded. CQI instructors are valued partners in coffee quality education, and the certifications students earn in their courses support that work. Each instructor brings their own special style as well as their own background in coffee. In the coming weeks, we’ll get to know a little more about them.

Ermanno Perotti has 9 years of experience in the coffee industry and currently works as a private consultant as a Q Robusta Grader, and Q Processing Professional and as an AST Trainer. He is based in Italy however he has taught in Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Malawi and he speaks Italian, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

When did you decide to start teaching and what made you realize you wanted to teach about coffee?

It actually happened by chance. I have been fascinated by the teachers and masters I had in the past because they were always forced to study more than what they were used to teach. For the simple fact that as a teacher you never can be satisfied with what you know. This enormous impulse of being ‘forced’ to continuously studying, exploring, deepening topics, always going further has been the major push for my career as a teacher. Second, it is a great way and opportunity to explore people’s talents and gifts with which they were born, having the chance to establish deep connections and relationships, going far beyond the simple professional relation.

If you were cross-trained or have multiple certifications, why did you choose to add certifications? If not, are you considering doing anything else?

I love to take any opportunity I have to improve myself and grab chances to connect with people. However, I found CQI a great platform with real experts and people concretely working to improve coffee smallholders living conditions. I would love to deepen my commitment with CQI, being part of a pool of people willing to learn and grow together.

What do you believe was your greatest accomplishment as an instructor?

Whenever I am able to establish a wonderful rapport with people I am happy. Thus my greatest accomplishment is my ability to connect with my students and bringing the relationship to another level of trust and mutual reliability. Being able to immerse oneself in each other’s cultures is of great value and one of the pillars of my way of teaching.