Meet Marcela Vásquez

CQI instructors are valued partners in coffee quality education. Each one brings their own special style as well as their own background in coffee. In the coming weeks, we’ll get to know a little more about them.

With 13 years of experience in the coffee industry, Marcela Vasquez is based in Switzerland and works as a senior Quality Specialist for Keurig Trading. She is a food engineering and coffee expert and has extensive experience in Coffee Quality Assurance and Process and Sensory/Cupping Training.

When did you decide to start teaching and what made you realize you wanted to teach about coffee?

My first job just after I finished my food engineering bachelor's degree was for the FNC in Colombia in The Coffee Campus training where I taught people about Coffee knowledge and history, processes, and good preparation practices, to all kinds of attendees both amateurs but also Coffee shops. The goal was to increase coffee consumption in Colombia, which was at the end of 1999. Although at that time I had not a lot of experience with coffee, I needed to study so much and learn more about coffee and afterward, I fell in love with coffee and knew that was the job and the sector I wanted to be part of.

What is the most unforgettable class you've ever taught?

I couldn’t say any specific class, since all of them have their nice touch, normally because you are working with very passionate coffee people. But if I need to mention one, I would say, the one I had last year in Peru during the Covid pandemic, especially for all the challenges we had but I was impressed with all the laboratory team who were very engaged and were taking care of each participant, trying to have a “normal” course and making a great effort to make all attendees feel conformable and safe. 

What do you believe was your greatest accomplishment as an instructor? 

Every time you know that someone gets inspired because of your job and even if sometimes they do not get their certificate right away, they just let you know it was a great experience and they learned a lot.