Meet Summer Zhang

Coffee Quality Institute supports producers by providing education that gives them options to improve the quality of their coffee and by identifying and differentiating high quality coffee so it can be rewarded. CQI instructors are valued partners in coffee quality education, and the certifications students earn in their courses support that work. Each instructor brings their own special style as well as their own background in coffee. In the coming weeks, we’ll get to know a little more about them.

Summer Zhang works for Onyx Coffee Lab as quality control and as a roaster, based in the United States. She previously taught in China and has six years of experience in the coffee industry.


When was the first time coffee piqued your interest?

The first time coffee piqued my interest was when I learned the SCA coffee introduction class. Even though it’s an entry class about coffee, I realized coffee is not only a beverage in a cup, there is so much information and knowledge that can be studied and explored.

What are some of your future goals for teaching about coffee?

My goals for teaching about coffee are to learn more aspects about biology, the environment, chemistry, food science, etc. to support what I know about coffee and bring what I studied or discovered to my students. As well as keep updating myself with the new studies from many professionals' research.