My Trip to Yemen : A Coffee Corps Testimonial

by Samuel Gurel, Torch Coffee Roasters

samuel-torch-yemenWhy do I volunteer for Coffee Corps?  I care about people, and I believe the Coffee Corps Program improves lives.  At CQI we increase coffee quality through training, education and consulting.  This education improves coffee quality, which improves quality of life.  Quality of life is what we are really passionate about.

Coffee + Training= Better Quality= Sustainability=Better Quality of Life= My WHY

I just returned from Yemen.  I have never visited a coffee producing country where coffee was so interwoven in every part of the culture.  Producing coffee for more than a thousand years apparently will do that.  On the first day I met an older man.  The look on his face was one of distrust.  After several days together working on the CQI project, he slowly warmed up.  That, however, did not prepare me for his response on the last day.  Upon saying goodbye, he grabbed my hand and kissed it with tears welling up in his eyes, thanking us for coming.  That moment made all the risk of coming to Yemen worthwhile.

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