New Documentary Shines Spotlight On Gender Equity

Earlier this year, a new film called Gender in Coffee—A Documentary premiered around the world, with screenings at the SCA Expo in Seattle in April, the Tate Modern in London in May (sponsored by La Marzocco), and World of Coffee in Amsterdam in June.

Made by Xavier Hamon and Hannah Stapleton between January and April 2018, the movie explores gender roles, women's empowerment, masculinity, and the importance of working toward gender equality for the sustainability of the coffee industry. The film includes a diverse range of industry perspectives, from coffee-farming families and cooperatives to coffee roasters, importers, cafés, and even consumers.

The film was made possible with contributions from the Hanns R. Neumann Foundation, Rainforest Alliance / UTZ Certified, and Lutheran World Relief, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2017.

The Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE)—a collaborative research and development initiative founded by Coffee Quality Institute—has been proud to partner with Xavier and Hannah on the creation and promotion of this movie. PGE leads research and analysis that helps the industry understand gender equity, creating the pathway for industry organizations to make investments that will foster gender equity, in turn strengthening coffee communities and the coffee supply chain.

Gender in Coffee promotes discussions around this vital topic, and we’re excited for the greater industry to see it. You can watch the movie in its entirety online, or if you’d like to organize a screening for your community, contact us for details. Another screening will take place in Brussels on September 12, in the headquarters of the European Union. Roasters are also hosting events around the film: North Carolina’s Carrboro Coffee (N.C.) held a screening and discussion in July, and U.K.-based Extract Coffee (U.K.) is holding an event later this year.

In addition to supporting the new documentary, the Partnership for Gender Equity has been busy working on several new initiatives, including the PGE Project Methodology, which encourages greater engagement with gender equity in the supply chain. The new tool supports industry and development actors to implement a field-level project in their own value chain, providing detailed explanations to design, plan, launch, and monitor a project at a household, community, and producer-organization level.

The PGE Project Methodology was developed with the input of a number of industry and development professionals to ensure its utility in a variety of settings, with funding provided by the SAFE Platform of the InterAmerican Development Bank (which was also a key supporter of Gender in Coffee). The methodology was validated within the PGE Field Level Project in Nicaragua funded by the UTZ Sector Partnership Program.

We have also recently initiated research on generational dynamics in the coffee sector, as well as launched an initiative called Equal Origins Connect that brings together farmers, families, and industry leaders.

To find out more about these programs and the Partnership for Gender Equity, we invite you to join an upcoming webinar (details here) and / or visit our website.

By: Kimberly Easson, Partnership for Gender Equity


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