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September 9, 2022

Because Coffee Quality Institute is committed to constant improvement of our education systems and support of our communities, we are undergoing an update to the Q Grader course and system. Hearing from the industry, our Q community, and based on our internal evaluations, we are releasing a new version of the Q Grader course - 5.0. You will continue to see improvements as we move forward. The first step was to address inconsistencies in training, testing and coffee grading results experienced globally. Currently, the system only calibrates Q Graders every three years – this creates ‘drift’ in skills and results in deviations globally. To address this, CQI -with input from our instructors, Q community and flavor experts- has added annual calibrations, between the current three year requirement, that are either self-directed or occur in groups.  For more detail on how this will be implemented starting in January of 2023, review our FAQs. CQI will continue to add information to that page, and will communicate directly with Q Graders as we get closer to implementation.