Press release: Online Coffee Learning for Business

Coffee Quality Institute Offers Virtual Course

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (June 15, 2020) The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) recently introduced a virtual coffee processing course, Processing Essentials.

“Considering the times we are in – with travel and gatherings possibly restricted – it is important to still provide coffee education opportunities.” said Tina Yerkes, CEO of the Coffee Quality Institute.

CQI has released Processing Essentials, which is designed for anyone along the coffee value chain who would benefit from learning coffee processing basics. This primary level, noncertification course will provide any level of employee, from staff who answers phones to client-facing account representatives, the tools they need to better communicate and effectively interact in the world of coffee. It is also an excellent education resource for coffee professionals interested in understanding the basics of processing and the language used to describe different processing methods.

“Virtual learning gives your staff or clients a chance to join from home, work, or anywhere else they need to be,” Yerkes added. “It’s not quite ‘on demand,’ but it is flexible as to how it is executed. ”

The Processing Essentials virtual class is rooted in the Q Processing 1 certification course CQI has been offering for several years. Topics include coffee processing history, coffee anatomy, myth-busting, biology of fermentation and the future of coffee processing.

If you are interested in bringing this opportunity to your workplace, please send an inquiry to