Q Grader Testimonial : Handi Santoso Maharjana

My name is Handi Santoso Maharjana, Q-Arabica Grader from Bandung, Indonesia. Handi

I’ve became a Q-Grader in October 2015. I took the course in June and after a retake test in October, I finally got licensed.

Before joining the course, I took a barista training which gave me basic coffee knowledge (from seed to cup, espresso, manual brew etc). I took the course because I wanted learn more about coffee and my barista instructor told me that the Q-Course is a great way to enhance my knowledge (plus I was planning to open a coffee shop and for me as the owner, I need to know everything about coffee). I was working in a totally different background before, the Oil&Gas industry, and this is another reason why I took the Q-Course. I had no experience in coffee at all and was no more than a coffee drinker.

Joining the Q-course after my barista course was a bit of a shock. I didn’t know that the training was so intensive and that coffee is such a complicated matter. On the other hand, I was fortunate to take the course because it helps me a lot as a coffee shop owner, where I’m also the barista.

I now have abundant knowledge about coffee. I know how to cup, how to grade, how to select the GB and how to inform the customer and share that information. So for me, becoming a Q-Grader has had a lot of advantages. I’m planning to learn about roasting and with the basic knowledge of roasting in the Q-course, this will help me understand roasting theory and practical application.

After 3 years, I will apply for the Q-instructor assistance course and hopefully one day become a Q-Grader instructor myself.

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