Q Processing 3: Luz Stella Artajo Medina

We are checking in with some of those who recently completed the new Q Processing 3 course. Luz Stella Artajo Medina PhD is from Maniales, Colombia, a city located in the Coffee Triangle Region. She is an international coffee consultant with emphasis in cupping and coffee processing, and has been participating in CQI projects around the world since 2014.

CQI: What interested you in QP3?

Luz Stella Artajo Medina: I am person who believes that experience without scientific knowledge is incomplete. Being an excellence professional is part of my personal project in life. QP3 was an opportunity to complement my previous post-graduated studies (Ph,D Food Technology, Master in Coffee Economics & Science, Master in International Business Management), understanding in more detail all the scientific and technological aspects that determine the final cup profile, and therefore the coffee quality. I also consider a responsibility as a Q instructor to be at the forefront of knowledge and new advances in the coffee area.

CQI: Hearing about QP3 capstone projects has been so interesting, what topic did you pursue?

Luz Stella Artajo Medina: My project consists of a chemical (proximal analysis and acid profile) and sensory (SCA protocol) comparison between Colombia and Castillo cultivars processed via dry (natural) and wet method, performing a fruit fermentation in closed systems. All experiments were done in duplicate with a control. These results, with no doubt, contribute to generate new knowledge in an important area, especially when there are few references that study chemical composition in relation to process using chromatographic techniques.

CQI: What is next on your coffee agenda?​

Luz Stella Artajo Medina: My coffee work will continue the path that integrates consulting work and research with teaching as powerful tools to help coffee producers to produce better an extended portfolio of high-quality coffees that meet the market expectations. I already have new projects in coffee processing and coffee evaluation to work with small producers in different countries in 2021.

CQI: Any final thoughts?

Luz Stella Artajo Medina: The opportunity of sharing with coffee colleagues and friends during a whole academic year was a very enriching experience, and fortunately we had the chance to work in person for a complete week in Colombia. I congratulate all of them for all the effort to finally achieve this goal. It is indeed a personal success for us, and definitely for CQI to graduate the first QP3 cohort.