Alfredo Rodriguez

  • Q Arabica

how-long How long have you been in coffee?
22+ years

world_generic Which countries have you taught in?
Brazil and Puerto Rico

world What's your favorite coffee origin?
I am not partial to any origin, always positive to discover the good stuff on each one. I like washed, naturals and any other process that brings out all the aromas and flavors an origin can offer.

 What do you think are the benefits of taking the Q?
Q is the ultimate learning experience for anyone in the coffee industry. Constantly people tell how Q has changed their perspective on coffee, the program expands and enrich the coffee experience and levels the field for producers, buyers, roasters and consumers. Without any doubt is the best program in the coffee industry.

languages What languages do you speak? 
Spanish and English

coffee What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?
Coffee farming, coffeeshop owner, consulting for farmers, importers, roasters and coffeeshops. Currently experimenting with new farming methods and varietals to tackle the human resources shortage, climate change and the challenges of mountain farming.