Koju Matsuzawa

  • Q Arabica
  • Q Robusta

how-long How long have you been in coffee?
Since 2005

world_generic Which countries have you taught in?

world What's your favorite coffee origin?
All of them, as all come with their own unique stories.

 What do you think are the benefits of taking the Q?
As Q Grading System is internationally recognized, Increasing the number of Q graders throughout the value chain in the coffee industry serves as both a communication tool and a common language. More Q graders contribute to a sustainable supply of quality coffee and sustainable improvements in the quality of life for producers.

languages What languages do you speak? 
English, Thai, Japanese

coffee What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?
Coffee Consultancy / Value Chain Training

lightbulbAnything else you'd like to add?
The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. The more I realize I don't know, the more I want to learn. The Coffee’s The Limit!