Marty Pollack

  • Q Arabica

how-long How long have you been in coffee?
Since 2009

world_generic Which countries have you taught in?
China, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the US

world What's your favorite coffee origin?

 What do you think are the benefits of taking the Q?
I think that sensory is the foundation of the entire specialty coffee industry. Taking Q gives people the tools needed to move forward in their understanding and skills in regards to sensory science and descriptive cupping.

languages What languages do you speak? 
English, Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language

coffee What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?
I am co-owner of Torch Coffee which runs labs and training around Asia and the Middle East and since I live at Origin in China I am involved in a number of projects to improve quality especially as it related to innovations in post harvest processing.

lightbulbAnything else you'd like to add?
I unashamedly love wild naturals! After taking the Q Robusta have been converted from a Robusta hater to an ambassador for fine robustas