The Uganda Gender Workshop


The Uganda Gender workshop for the Partnership for Gender Equity was held in the eastern city of Mbale. Local participations included thirty-four farmers from fifteen primary associations of Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise, LTD, an organization that represents over 7,000 farmers in the upland region of Mt. Elgon. Through a series of participatory exercises over the course of three days, both local and international participants gained valuable insights about the relationships between men and women coffee farmers, and the constraints and opportunities that they as they work to make coffee a viable income strategy for their families. Important findings from the workshop include:

1) women have limited control over assets – especially land, which is important for productivity and investments;

2) men control the income of the household and do not discuss household finances or production strategies with women;

3) there is a large lack of trust between men and women, leading to hidden assets and savings;

4) a few primary societies have formed gender sensitive, rotating savings groups that train men and women on how to work together to make joint-decisions on savings, expenditure, and production strategies.


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