An Update From Origin :: China

A traditional tea-drinking country, 2017 was an important year for China as both a coff­ee producing and consuming country. China continued to work hard at both the farm and mill level to elevate its raw material into higher quality. Coff­ee Corps Volunteer Dr. Osgood introduced leaf tissue analysis to Yunnan farmers as a tool to guide fertilization and be economical with fertilizers. With his e­fforts and persistence, leaf analysis will possibly become a routine test/service provided to Yunnan farmers in the near future.

CQI also started a new project collectively with Yunnan Coff­ee International Exchange (YCE) - Model Farm Program - with the tremendous support from the Ministry of Agriculture. Based on several factors, Dr. Osgood and Luis Delgado, together with Ted Lingle and a YCE consultant, chose ten model farms from the Pu'er, Baoshan and Lincang regions. These farms will eventually become the showpieces of Yunnan farms after a series of trainings and promotional eff­orts.

People's knowledge of cupping and usage of a common quality language will undoubtedly help the industry develop towards a quality-focused sector. Marketing of Yunnan coff­ee continued all year, and it’s clear that the country is gaining momentum as an important player in the specialty coff­ee industry.


We have taken part in two CQI-YCE trainings, where we learned how to sample leaves for tissue analysis (to fertilize trees in a more efficient and economic way), how to measure sugar content of cherries, how to get a be­tter control over fermentation, and how to calibrate pulpers. Armed with new expertise, we started producing specialty coffee in 2016/17 harvest. 3,100 kg of specialty coffee was produced and sold that harvest, and this number increased to 24 tons in 2017/18 harvest, from which 20 tons were washed and the rest were double-fermented. Pickers are now paid more if they pick fully ripe cherries, and we are now ge­tting more from specialty coffee sales. This is truly a win-win situation that we coffee people desire.

- Ms. Zou Quanqing Producer at Lancang Hongfeng Grain & Oil Trade LLC and YCE Model Farm

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