An Update from Origin :: Colombia

This is an exciting time for CQI in Colombia. We became a full partner with the innovation-focused technology park TECNiCAFÉ. Additionally, we worked closely with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to expand Q Processing into the country.

TECNiCAFÉ’s diverse partners include the government of Cauca, Colombian Coffee Growers Federation’s Committee of Cauca Coffee Growers, Association of Women Coffee Growers of Cauca, Supracafé, and Multiscan. The park is a platform for training and developing innovations that add value to coffee. Located in the town of Cajibío, TECNiCAFÉ has a wide range of production, processing, and quality-analysis facilities that can be used for educational purposes: their commitment to prioritizing innovation to improve coffee quality aligns perfectly with CQI’s new Q Processing.

We hosted our first Q Processing Course – Level 2 at TECNiCAFÉ in March 2017. With the support of Expocafé, 17 students, mainly from cooperatives, were the first participants to experience this course. CQI will hold several courses at TECNiCAFÉ in the coming years, making the most of its excellent facilities.

We were honored to collaborate with CRS to host CQI’s third-ever Q Processing Course - Level 2, along with a Pre-Q and a Q Arabica Course, at Villa Loyola venue in Chachagüí (Nariño). In total, 71 students were trained over the year.

Thanks to our committed partners, CQI will continue to strengthen its presence in Colombia.

For more information on our Colombian programs, contact Monica Bolek at

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