An Update from Origin :: The Philippines

As part of the MinPACT project, CQI is working to improve the quality of arabica and robusta coffee grown in the Philippines and support the growth of an inclusive specialty coffee sector. In 2017, CQI activities included intensive training to all sectors -- producer organization and cooperatives, small business owners, social organizations, traders, and associations -- to increase knowledge of specialty coffee and channel its impact.

In partnership with the Philippine Coffee Board (PCBi), CQI helped design the 1st Annual Green Coffee Quality Competition in March 2017. 80 samples were submitted to this inaugural event and the top ten winning arabica and robusta coffees from this competition were brought to SCA’s Specialty Coffee Expo for a public cupping. Pacita Juan, PCBi board president stated, “This single event instantly elevated quality standards for our coffee. There is a sense of order here that was missing before. Producers were excited to participate because size or location did not matter. Indigenous people who participated even won in the natural category despite their lack of water and electricity in their towns. The orientation about different processing methods gave all the producers hope that their coffees could score despite what they thought were unfavorable conditions.


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