Utake Lab Opens in Kenya

Utake Coffee Ltd., located in the Bluebells Gardens in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, is a new, state-of-the-art Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus. This coffee training campus was founded by Mbula Musau, one of The Coffee Quality Institute’s Q Instructors and a long-time Coffee Corps volunteer. Mbula is Utake Coffee’s lead Q instructor, Barista trainer, and judge. She is a specialist in both arabica and Robusta coffee quality and has the unique distinction of being the first CQI accredited Q-Instructor in Africa. Mbula is a long time collaborator with CQI as both a Coffee Corps Volunteer and consultant.

The name ‘Utake’ is derived from the Swahili word meaning ‘desire’. The staff brings this passion for specialty coffee and ‘desire’ for knowledge, skills and the best the global sector has to offer to their students.

Utake is an innovative company specializing in coffee quality training, marketing, research consultancy, and development management. They are based out of East Africa, but travel the world delivering world class services and participating in strategic coffee sector development with an emphasis on the African context. This is done through collaborating with organizations and institutions around the world such as the Coffee Quality Institute, International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA), International Trade Centre (ITC), African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA), and other national institutions in coffee producing countries.

The opening of the Utake lab is a result of years of work funded by USAID in the region. Mbula has invested her own funding to make this happen and to build on the Q grader program in East Africa and has full support of CQI management. It will also allow East Africa a place to centralize critical quality knowledge, to facilitate many CQI activities in the region and provide opportunity for other skilled African and international coffee professionals to attain their credentials and maintain them in an affordable way, right at origin.

Visit www.utakecoffee.com for more information and updates on upcoming activities and events. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @utakecoffee, and email us on info@utakecoffee.com.
“We provide high quality and cost effective services to allow coffee institutions to exceed their customer’s expectations through innovative and dynamic solutions to sustainable high quality coffee production and social responsibility. Our competitive advantage is experience in 11 African coffee producing countries for the last 10 years, which enables us to represent, compare and contrast the coffee situation in each country, information that is relevant to buyers and vendors alike with whom we have built and maintained strong relationships over the years.” -Mbula Musau


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