Welcome Ephrem Sebatigita – Our Newest Q Processing Instructor

Coffee Quality Institute wants to invite everyone to give a warm welcome to our first Q Processing Level 2 Instructor from Africa, Ephrem Sebatigita!

Ephrem has been a Q Grader since 2009 and has been working in the coffee industry for 36 years! He's also been a consultant with CQI in Burundi since 2018. During his path to become an instructor, Ephrem assisted in courses in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia. Read more about Ephrem's long career in coffee below and look forward to his future Q Processing Professional courses that will become available with the rest of our upcoming courses, here.

With a background of electronics engineering in France (Lille), Ephrem started his activities in the coffee sector of Burundi in 1984, being responsible for the electronic color sorters of the state-owned dry mills. Subsequently he was appointed technical director of Ocibu (Coffee Board of Burundi), in charge of the milling of all parchment coffee of the country. Following the liberalization of the coffee sector in Burundi, he started the Sodeco mixed company (2 coffee dry mills). In 1998, during a period of severe crisis in Burundi, with a group of 400 small shareholders, he built and started  SIVCA coffee dry mill in Ngozi, in northern Burundi. It was a matter of uniting the region by bringing together people motivated around a project of economic interest.

From 2010 to 2013, he was Chief Operation Officer of Webcor Burundi, the first foreign group to buy the first thirteen washing stations sold by the government in the context of privatization, and also designed a 5 MT/h dry mill capacity for the company. Since the start of the "Cup of Excellence" competition in Burundi, he has been involved in its organization.

From 2015 to June 2018, he was in charge of starting Horamama Coffee dry mill, owned by farmers cooperatives, as the managing director. His focus was mainly to monitor coffee quality, implement a transparent management system and training employees.

In 2019 he founded Coffee Belt East Africa and as coming from a 3rd generation of coffee growers and continues the tradition by planting coffee trees and running the family coffee washing station Munkaze Coffee located in Kayanza province, focusing on specialty coffee production, by using a new coffee processing approach with methods promoted by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). Since 2020, Ephrem is also, in partnership with the cooperative Coprocame in Muyinga province (South-East), in charge of quality management at the Kavangoma washing station.

Welcome Ephrem!

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