Yemen: Coffee Quality Conference

USAID Project, Yemen Competitive Agriculture Systems for High Value
Crops (CASH), implemented by Land O’Lakes International Development

Capity city of Sana’a, December 2014

Stakeholders in Yemen, including government officials, coffee
producers, producer organizations, and coffee exporters
U.S. Buyers: Craig Holt of Atlas Coffee, Samuel Gurell of Torch Coffee, and
Matt Swenson of Nobletree Coffee

To engage in trade dialogue between producers and U.S. buyers, learn
about the origin, find new markets, and cup high quality Yemeni coffees

On December 9, 2014, the USAID-funded project Yemen Competitive Agriculture Systems for High Value Crops (CASH) launched the 1st Conference, Exhibition and Commercial Mission on high quality Yemeni coffees in Sana’a, in collaboration with CQI, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MAI), Ministry of Trade (MOT), coffee producers, processors, traders and US green coffee buyers. A huge thank you to CQI Coffee Corps Volunteers Craig Holt (Atlas Coffee), Samuel Gurel (Torch Coffee) and Mathew Swenson (Nobletree Coffee) who helped make this successful, memorable event happen. The purpose was to engage in trade dialogues between U.S. buyers, learn about the origin, and cup high quality Yemeni coffees.

"Why do I volunteer for Coffee Corps™? I care about people, and I really believe that it improves lives. I just returned from Yemen, and I have never visited a producing country where coffee was so interwoven in every part of the culture. On the first day I met an older man: the look on his face was one of distrust. After several days together working, he slowly warmed up. That, however, did not prepare me for his response on the last day. Upon saying good-bye, he grabbed my hand and kissed it with tears welling up in his eyes, thanking us for coming. That moment made the risk of traveling to Yemen worth it.” - Samuel Gurel, Torch Coffee Roasters

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