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This past October, we traveled to Popayan, Colombia for our first gender workshop for our new program, Partnership for Gender Equity. On the first day, six international participants visited a farming family in La Sierra, Cauca to experience the reality of coffee farming and family life in this remote and rugged area. This experience laid an important foundation for the two-day gender workshop where 34 local participants joined the international participants to explore the impact of gender inequity on the coffee value chain. The group discussed a vision for the future, what they wanted to achieve, and how to improve upon current conditions based on the gender balance tree analysis.






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CQI is spearheading a collaborative research initiative to better understand the effects of gender inequality on coffee production. And with all these compelling reasons to improve gender equity in coffee, why wouldn't you join us?


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Learn more about the new Q Coffee System

The Q Coffee System

The Q Coffee System locates specialty coffees at origin and helps to improve those that have the potential to meet specialty standards. The effect is a common language between buyers and sellers that draws attention to more specialty coffees while creating an infrastructure that gives producers greater opportunities to enter the marketplace and to increase their economic viability. This fall, CQI is pleased to introduce its new addition to the program, Q Robusta.