About CQI

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide training and technical assistance to coffee producers and other individuals in the supply chain to increase the value, volume, and sustainability of high quality coffee production. Through our work, we:

  • Foster resilient communities
  • Enhance and improve livelihoods
  • Provide more integrated coffee opportunities
  • Share a universal language of quality
  • Put information (and power) into the hands of producers

CQI has worked on a multitude of coffee programs in central and South America, east Africa, Indonesia, and Asia, completing over 500 training assignments while building a common language of quality used throughout the supply chain. On any given month, we’re in the field, teaching producers how to process coffee more efficiently or teaching a Q Course via one of our talented Q Instructors or working with national coffee associations to instill forward-thinking change. The impact is immense and long lasting. So whenever you’re enjoying a cup of high quality coffee, it’s very likely that CQI has touched the supply chain at some point, creating more value, a common language, and a deeper respect for the commodity we all know and love.