Technical Services

We believe that sustainability is predicated on a healthy supply chain. A healthy supply chain is only possible if value-discovery mechanisms are in the hands of producers. Producers can only earn the right price for their coffee if they understand the quality of the coffee, and the value that quality brings. We believe that none of the above is possible unless growers are given access to information – and training – regarding agronomy, processing, and flavor analysis. The coffee system as it exists is based on a fundamental frailty at the producer side of the value chain. We believe that a paradigm shift is required to sustain the future of the coffee business. Our Technical Services Program puts access to education and training into the hands of the producer, and we’ve been leading the coffee and development world since 1996.

For details and to learn more, please contact Lisa Conway at lconway@coffeeinstitute.org

Processing &

We provide quality improvement training to increase the quality and value of arabica and robusta coffees through improvements to production and processing practices and techniques. Participants include all levels of the coffee value chain: producers, buyers, wet and dry mill/factory managers, and quality control staff. Trainings focuses on understanding best practices for production and agronomic improvements,

certification systems, harvest and post-harvest handling, and best processing practices. CQI’s processing and production trainings always include practical exercises in issues that affect quality, including the fundamentals which effect quality, cupping protocols and purpose, and other benchmarks for quality improvements.

Cupping &
Laboratory Development

We provide all levels of cupping training for producers, traders, processors, and others involved in the coffee value chain. CQI’s trainings emphasize practical, hands-on cupping exercises and fundamental knowledge of Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) evaluation standards and protocols.

Coffee lab development is targeted toward organizations and

facilities with a need to improve their quality control processes and their cupping lab environment. The focus is on assessment and recommendations to improve procedures, environment and equipment. CQI works closely with the SCAA on their Certified Teaching Laboratory Program. In general, a CQI Q Course must be taught in an SCAA certified lab.

Consumption &
Roaster Training

Coffee consumption in a coffee producing country can be an important component of a national or regional coffee improvement or marketing program. CQI offers beginner, intermediate or expert level training for baristas, coffee shops, and restaurants as well as roaster training for all size roasting businesses.

CQI works closely with SCAA on training standards and

frequently employs an assessment/recommendation component to improve this sector at origin, and assists with business development and job creation. This area has a significant level of impact on youth and women working in coffee.

Marketing &
Business Development

Capacity building training in marketing and business development for public and private sector organizations and businesses involved in the coffee sector at origin. This includes industry assessment, development and growth recommendations, strategic planning, and coffee association development.