Higher Ground– Uplifting women in the Jamaican coffee industry

In partnership with Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), Jamaican Women in Coffee (JAWiC) is launching an ambitious project to elevate coffee quality, reinvigorate production, and establish leadership infrastructure for a self-sustaining, thriving community.


Higher Ground is a multi-year project that focuses on skills training and leadership education to create sustainable farming and business practices, incorporating international coffee quality standards, and enabling broader market connections.

Jamaican coffee has a proud history but has fallen behind in international stature and quality. During this pivotal moment in history, one shaped by a pandemic and recognition of inequities borne by Black people, the Higher Ground project will empower female coffee farmers by offering skills based training to improve the quality of their coffee, professional Q certifications to advance their industry standing , as well as leadership training to enable perpetuation of knowledge and sustained success though CQI's go-to-market strategy. By assessing need and designing custom good practices training alongside professional certification, this partnership will help Jamaican Women in Coffee build a strong foundation for a healthy, thriving, and self-sustainable coffee industry. Communities benefit when women succeed in business -- and there is great potential in this region for coffee-sustained development.

You can play a role in this exciting joint effort. The team that makes up Higher Ground is ambitious and prepared, but resources are strained. Participating through sponsorship or other donation will help deter the costs of the program and ensure that the goals set by Jamaican Women in Coffee for themselves and their communities can be met quickly and effectively, and therefore they can reap the rewards of improved coffee processing techniques and business practices.


Please consider a donation today – CQI is a nonprofit 501©3 and your donation may be tax deductible.

As an individual donor, consider these support levels for Jamaican Women in Coffee:



Sponsor one woman to attend processing essentials – baseline processing knowledge $500

Sponsor a woman Q Processing Professional $2,500   

Sponsor a woman Q Grader $5,000

Or donate another amount

If you are a corporate or business sponsor, please contact CQI through donate@coffeeinstitute.org

All donations are unrestricted income that will defer the costs of the overall program.