Certifications support the coffee value chain through people, places and partnerships


Coffee Quality Institute is an education trust that applies the common language of coffee quality and certifications through our education framework.

Our CQI community perpetuates the common language through certification of professionals. These highly trained professionals are recognized in the industry for their skills and their commitment to coffee quality.

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The best places for learning and evaluation

Partnerships and the shared values used to support both coffee evaluation and CQI’s classes and courses is how we certify places.

Our In-Country Partners are local conduits to CQI where access is easy and in the local language, and the Q Program is used to discern specialty and fine coffees through Q Grading. Q Venues provide a consistent, predictable learning environment where educators know that they will have the tools and space they need to deliver courses that maintain CQI standards wherever they are.

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Discerning the highest quality

CQI standards for coffee quality are internationally recognized. Q Graders evaluate coffee at farms, in labs and at every part of the value chain, and there are two ways to get an actual certification directly from CQI for your coffee.

Through our In-Country Partners a Q Certificate or technical report can be awarded for green coffee samples, and for identifying the highest quality coffees for consumers, the Q Coffee licensing program lets them know that they are purchasing specialty and fine coffees that have been evaluated by Q Graders.

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