CQI envisions an education system that will pave the path to self-sufficient, thriving, sustainable coffee communities by supporting a common language of coffee and the best scientific practices throughout the value chain to improve quality.

The CQI Global Fund enables us to work for the benefit of producers in areas where other resources may not be available.

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Coffee Quality Institute is expanding impact by providing increased access to education. In order to do that we must have unrestricted support to target resources where they are needed.

For example, CQI has used unrestricted support to award scholarships to producers to attend online processing education, to enable access to post-harvest processing techniques  for women producers in Jamaica, and most recently through the LOT program, to provide direct education to six different coffee producing communities.

Support from the industry, from individual donors or from anyone who appreciates fine and specialty coffee is essential for the benefit of coffee producers. Become a supporter today.

Please donate at the level that best represents the size of your organization and your desire for impact.

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GLOBAL FUND IN ACTION - higher ground

Higher Ground is a multi-year project focused on supporting sustainable farming and business practices at origin. The program delivers skills training and community leadership development, incorporating international coffee quality standards and enabling broader market connections. Coffee Quality Institute is working with JAWiC (Jamaican Women in Coffee) to help bring these ambitious plans to fruition. This effort began with introductory, virtual training in processing.  

“This was the first step in a holistic plan we call ‘Higher Ground,’” said JAWiC President and Co-founder, Andrea Johnson. “Getting our members access to training is something we can do now during the pandemic, thanks to technology.”  

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GLOBAL fund in action - Learning Online together

Coffee Quality Institute introduced a program designed to bring online training direct to producers at no cost. This project will work with producers focusing on specialty coffee and quality improvements through post-harvest processing techniques.

“CQI is focused on increasing our impact,” said Tina Yerkes PhD, CEO of the Coffee Quality Institute. “The work we have done at origin has been through relationships with other entities, and that has been a good model, and we see opportunities to expand our reach with an additional, and slightly different approach. The LOT program, Learning Online Together, is an opportunity for us to identify coffee growing communities and offer training directly to them on their schedule at no cost – because we are a nonprofit, we want to give back in ways that we can.”

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GLOBAL fund in action - introduction to post-harvest processing

With the support of donors to the Global Fund CQI offered no-cost space in online training

During the pandemic CQI pioneered and brought online training to our community. We were able to offer spaces in the new Introduction to Post-Harvest Processing to producers around the world at no charge.

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CQI continues to develop innovative education and training, focused on targeting knowledge where it will benefit the most.

Please help by supporting our mission to improve coffee quality and the lives of those who produce it through the CQI Global Fund.

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